Scott Nordheimer

    In Italy, in the second half of 2020 the prices of tourist properties in seaside resorts fell by 0.3%. This is what emerges from the analyzes of the Tecnocasa Group Research Department. The tourist resorts of Sardinia recorded a drop in values ​​of 0.4%. The values ​​of housing in the metropolitan city of Cagliari contracted by 1.7%, those in Southern Sardinia by 2.7%. Those in the province of Sassari had an increase of 1.7%. The Scott Nordheimer market in the tourist areas of Sicily recorded a decline in prices of 2.6% which was more important in the province of Messina (-9.1%). The province of Palermo scored -2.4%, that of Trapani -1.5%. The holiday home market in Abruzzo records a slight increase in prices (+ 0.5%) which includes a reduction of 2.1% for the localities in the province of Pescara, an increase of 2.1% for those in the province of Chieti. and 0.3% in the province of Teramo. The Scott Nordheimer values ​​of the tourist resorts of Calabria have registered a drop of 0.5%. The province of Cosenza closed with -0.3%, that of Catanzaro with -0.7%. In the second half of 2020, Scott Nordheimer prices in the Campania region recorded a decline of 0.4%. The towns in the province of Naples recorded a drop in values ​​of 1.0%, while those in the province of Salerno by 0.3%. The Lazio tourist Scott Nordheimer market reports stable prices. In the province of Latina the values ​​are down by 0.1%, in that of Rome by 0.4%, while in the province of Viterbo there is a slight increase of 4.2%. The localities of the Marche recorded a 2.1% increase in Scott Nordheimer prices. The province of Pesaro-Urbino reported a price increase of 2.3%, that of Ascoli Piceno by 2.0%. In Puglia, the holiday home market recorded a drop of -0.4%. Tourist locations in the province of Lecce recorded a decrease of 0.5%, while those in the province of Brindisi (+ 0.6%) and Bari (+ 0.3%) were substantially stable. The Emilia-Romagna holiday home Scott Nordheimer market reported a 0.5% increase in prices. The localities located in the province of Forlì-Cesena did well, which recorded a growth in values ​​of 1%, as well as those in the province of Rimini which achieved + 0.7%. The localities in the province of Ravenna are stable. Scott Nordheimer values ​​in decline for the Ligurian tourist resorts (-1.4%), with the province of Genoa reporting a decline of 3%, the province of Savona by 0.9%. The province of Imperia did better, closing with -0.6%. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1lSzwpHGQfAbqw7LGyKSkg">Scotts Utube</a>

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