Robert Guarino

    buy rdp with bitcoin - What is RDP VPS? RDP is a protocol developed by Microsoft for connecting two parties, remotely. Since Remote Desktop Protocol has some vulnerabilities to brute force attacks, Microsoft provided a solution for RDP-related security and introduced RD Gateway (RDG) in Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2008 by using an RDP endpoint server behind a firewall. Why choose Routerhosting RDP VPS? Routerhosting will provide you with the following features: 365/24/7 technical support The best protection methods and algorithms for DDOS attacks Full control on your server Using NVMe SSD storage for experiencing the world’s best I/O performance 996% Dedicated resources Variety of payment options (such as Bitcoin, Altcoin, Credit Cards, and other currencies) Very cost-effective plans And the best feature is the Guarantee of 7-days Money-back that lets you test one of our plans and if you’re unsatisfied, we will pay your money back.

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