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    What is cannabis extract? The legalization of cannabis in countries like the United States has brought many opportunities for the plant to demonstrate its therapeutic effects. Read more about the farm bill for the legalization of cannabis on this page here. Studies have shown that cannabis plant extracts (such as cannabidiol) can be used to treat rare epilepsy, depression and anxiety disorders. However, many people are also aware of other derivatives of the cannabis plant, namely THC. many weed users know that smoking marijuana can be euphoric, which creates a lot of confusion for many potential users. The good news is that there is a distinct difference between medical marijuana and cannabis, which can get you stoned. Here's some information about the two. Cannabis is different from marijuana There are many varieties of cannabis clover plants available today that contain different levels of THC and CBD. THC makes you intoxicated, high and addicted to weed, while CBD is non-psychoactive and is used for pain relief and can give you a feeling of relaxation without getting you hooked. Cannabis is a cousin to marijuana, but the difference between the two plants is their THC levels. Cannabis plants typically have THC levels below 0.3%, while weed produces over 30% of the compound during extraction. For a long time, scientists were only concerned with THC research, which is the psychoactive component of weed. However, over time, they have found that CBD compounds that are essentially cannabis extracts can also provide users with a sedative effect and better sleep without getting them high. There is still a lot of ongoing research between the two, but many consumers who are aware of this are getting all the benefits they can with CBD. In addition to CBD and THC, it is important to know that there are other ingredients that are present in the cannabis plant. They can be CBG, CBA, CBC, THCV, CBN, flavonoids, terpenes, and other phytocannabinoids that are beneficial to the body. Researchers have found that whole plant extracts are more effective and faster at treating insomnia, anxiety and depression than their counterparts alone. Add a little tetrahydrocannabinol and the "entourage effect" is even more effective, with the compounds working synergistically for maximum effect on the body. Different types of extracts When you go to the store, you may be confronted with many bottles of cannabis extracts. What you need is less than 0.3% THC to be safe for your health. Here are other differences between cannabis and extracts that you may be interested in learning about. 1. cannabis oil extracts Cannabis oil comes from the seeds or stems of the cannabis plant. It is known to be beneficial to overall health because it contains high amounts of phytocannabinoids that work with the body's endogenous cannabinoids. Better known as CBD or cannabidiol, the compound contains a mixture of flavonoids, terpenes and other compounds that work together to relieve pain and maintain homeostasis in the body. 2. Hemp Seed Oil The oil is extracted entirely from the seeds of cannabis. Unlike cannabis oil from the plant, it does not necessarily contain CBD and it is often needed because it contains fatty acids. The fatty acids collected from hemp seeds are used for culinary purposes, and they often provide health benefits to consumers. Specifically, they are used to improve hair, nails and skin. 3. CBD oil CBD or cannabidiol oil is isolated and extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction methods. It contains very potent phytocannabinoids that are derived from pure, clean and safe extraction. However, in other companies, they separate CBD from the cannabis plant by adding butane and other solvents to the plant. You may want to choose CBD products from CO2 extracts because they are often more potent, safer, and healthier than products extracted with ethanol and butane. When you choose to isolate 100% pure CBD, you may not get the entourage effect that many people prefer, but these options are certainly more affordable than the full spectrum. Learn more about isolation here: https : //www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/cbd-isolate. In many states where the cannabis plant is legal, CBD can be made from both hemp and indica varieties. 4. Cannabis Oil You may come across products that claim to contain cannabis oil. They may contain both THC and CBD in varying degrees, but you need to be sure of the concentration so that it is not too high. One of the drawbacks of the oil that many users avoid is that it is usually purchased out of state. This means that they are not completely legal because they contain higher levels of THC and they can have a psychological impact on the user. Extraction Methods In the United States, the extract may come from the stem of the plant with the help of a solvent, carbon dioxide or ethanol. With carbon dioxide, the cannabis plant is exposed to higher pressure and carbon dioxide at lower temperatures. This preserves the plant's phytocannabinoids and no other solvents are added, making the final product safe. The downside to CO2 extraction is that extracting CBD takes a lot of time and is more expensive to produce, which can push up sales. However, the price will be worth it when you consider buying a safe, effective and clean CBD product that you can get relief from the arthritis, anxiety, pain and insomnia you may be experiencing.

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