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    If you're seeing a cardiologist, you're either a hypochondriac or may be suffering from heart disease. Perhaps you have an ancestral background. You might be overweight, a smoker, or have a type A (stressed) personality and you are eating an excessive amount of fat and live an unhealthy lifestyle of sitting. The cardiologists will tell you that there are plenty of lifestyle changes you must-do if you wish to live your life. If you're a new patient to the doctor you will undergo a number of tests. The test will consist of a comprehensive blood workup, Stress test EKG, or additional tests. The doctor will want to know the extent of the severity of your illness prior to making any treatment. If tests are conducted and the cardiologist meets to discuss your future plans and treatment options, it's recommended to make the questions you want to ask the doctor. Here's a sample list of questions to inquire about a cardiologist.

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