• Two of my friends (and long-time Max users), Barry Threw and Meara O'Reilly have unveiled their new collaboration Frequent Sea at the Exploratorium's Kanbar Auditorium in San Francisco.

  • Universal Jitter Event

    $(document).ready(function() { _kmq.push(function(){ var possible_titles = { "save $100":"Save $100 on Jitter from now until January 19", "experience jitter":"Experience Jitter with an irresistible price", "special opportunity":"A special opportunity for everyone to adopt Jitter" } var which_title = KM.ab("Universal Jitter Blog Post Title", ["save $100","experience jitter","special opportunity"]); var new_title = possible_titles[which_title]; $('#post-content-6938 .full-title a').html(new_title); }); });

    From now until January 19, 2011, we've knocked $100 off the price of Max/MSP/Jitter bundle and all Jitter upgrades.

  • Project 36: Phil Gerus Music

    Author: Phil Gerus Project Date: Current


    Phil Gerus, born in 1989, Moscow resident.

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