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    Expo Attendees Share Some of Their Experiences

    Expo in 2011 had a big impact on me. I was in grad school at the time, and I was struck by the number of Max users in attendance, inspirational artist talks, and concerts. Now I teach a course in Max at my university.

    Nick Hwang

    From my experience at Expo, I would want others to know that many Cycling '74 devs were there. The best part for me was when they all sat on the stage and were open for questions.

    Mattijs Kneppers

    Expo was a great way to connect with Maxers from all corners of the world and find out about the newest developments from Cycling ’74. I still refer to the patches and info I picked up in the workshops.

    Holland Hobson

    Expo ‘74 is a great conference for everyone regardless of personal creative interests and familiarity with Max; composers, artists, performers, educators, and developers in varying genres all get together and talk about facilitating their unique ideas with Max. Who’s not gonna enjoy a conference like that?!

    VJ Manzo

    Expo is an interactive experience with a variety of social and educational events.

    Photo: The Welcome party at the Cycling '74 office in San Francisco

    We are part of a community that continually grows and gets better thanks to the contributions of the those who share their knowledge selflessly. These people for many of us are, almost always, intangible: we have never met in person. I cannot imagine a more propitious place to establish these relationships than during a C74 Expo.

    Francisco Colasanto

    Past Events

    If you're curious about the lineup of workshops, presentations and other events at past Expos, take a look at the Expo in Brooklyn, NY from 2011.

    Photo: Todd Reynolds and Luke DuBois perform at Issue Project Room


    David Z. has written a few blog posts that might interest you. After our first Expo in 2009, he shared some thoughts on the experience. And, more recently, he announced the 2019 Expo with a greater historical perspective.


    ... the people who signed up were a fantastic group. They were both interesting and interested in each other.


    We could safely explain how our patches work rather than worry about a crowd ultimately more interested in evaluating the musical or artistic quality of the results.


    ... a selection of people that would simultaneously inspire the attendees and prevent them from drawing any conclusions about there being a "right" way to use the software.

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    April 26-28, 2019


    1040 MASS MoCA Way
    North Adams, MA 01247


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