Max and littleBits

    In collaboration with the littleBits team, we used the interfacing ‘bits’ (the MIDI, CV and USB Audio bits, to be specific) to build a few fun projects. Find the projects below with downloadable patches that provide some insight on how you can use the interface bits to integrate Max 7 with both littleBits and other external hardware (including modular synths).

    Project #1: Video Theremin

    In our first detailed project, Cory Metcalf uses Max 7's video color tracking to create a Theremin-like instrument. The Max patch outputs data as audio, which is translated to pitch and filter settings by the littleBits w27 USB Audio Interface bit. He used two w27's (set up as an aggregate audio device) in order to maintain the smooth pitch and filter changes befitting a Theremin. Audio is produced using a basic three-oscillator littleBits synthesizer setup.

    Download the Patch

    Project #2: Modular Interface

    Darwin Grosse uses the w5 MIDI Interface, w18 CV Interface and w27 Audio Interface bits to create a Max-based LFO that is able to sync to a modular synthesizer's sequencer. A w27/w18 combo translates the LFO to control voltages for the modular, while a w18/w5 combination provides timing information for the Max patch. This is a great example of using the littleBits interfaces to create a highly flexible hybrid hardware/software/bit system.

    Download the Patch