Buchla Music Easel CV out to Freq in Max/Msp

    Apr 24 2014 | 10:00 pm
    I'm trying to get cv information from my Music Easel and to
    quantize it in 1V per octave.
    Buchla CV range span from 0 to 10 v.
    I use a Motu Ultralight, so I'm capable to get CV (and send them to the Buchla using proper 1/4" jack to banana cables).
    Any suggestion about how to perform the conversion CV to Midipitch.
    Many thanks,

    • Apr 25 2014 | 5:25 am
      What mechanism are you using to get DC values into the computer? Most audio interfaces (even the Ultralight) will DC-block input values; the Silent Way CV Input requires a VCA dedicated to modulating the value in order to pass the signal pass the audio input blocking.
    • Apr 25 2014 | 6:27 am
      Hi thanks for your reply.
      I simply use custom cables 1/4" to Banana, no specifc other hardware.
      I take the cv out from Buchla and I route it to my Motu.
      I'm able to use the other cv's but I have no idea about the conversion strategy
      I should apply to the signal.
      Many thanks,