cc.colormap.jxs shader on MacBookAir

    Jul 21 2010 | 9:35 am
    Hello world! (my first post on the forums here)
    I'm currently working on a simple app to present some Jitter-based visuals that makes use of the Andrew Benson's LumaCurve and the cc.colormap.jxs shader. The patch runs fine on my MacBookPro (2.2GHz, ATI Radeon X1600). However, I planned to run it as a standalone app on a MacBookAir (1.6Ghz, Intel GMAX3100 built-in graphics)... on the Air, running the video through the cc.colormap.jxs shader produces distorted coloration in the resulting image.
    Does anyone know if this is due to limitations of the video card? It seems to load the other shaders (gaussian, scalebias, uyvy2rgba) no problem.
    Thanks in advance, Alex Brandmeyer

    • Jul 26 2010 | 10:29 am
      never used the intel gma3100, but i have used the intel gma950, on the white mac book and that card did not work with a alot of shader, some it did. i would guess that is the reason why it is not working,