Compiling inconsistencies + general advice (regarding compiling :)

    Jul 31 2011 | 8:14 pm
    I'm having some trouble compiling,
    - plussz for example compiles without problems and appears in max. Plussz2 however appears to compile without problems(no warnings/errors/dll in sdkbuild-dir) but it doesn't appear in max when i type it in. Now i've also tried cleaing out the plussz-example, renaming it and inserting other code but the problem remains; no warnings/errors whatsoever and the dll is present in the sdkbuild-dir but it won't show up in Max.
    - I'm a total noob at this, have just started using ofx and after compiling that succesfully i gave max a try and it worked! I'm using CodeBlocks so i didn't expect opening vcproj-files to atually work. How do you start a new project? Is it like ofx where you just copy the EmptyExample and rename everything? Plussz probably being the easiest to clean out and rename.
    - I think i'm forgetting something...
    Thanks for helping! FRid
    CodeBlocks WinXp Sp3 Max 5.1.8 Sdk 5.1.7

    • Jul 31 2011 | 11:01 pm
      Feeling pretty stupid right now. For some reason i already had plussz installed in another folder so the plussz i had recently compiled didn't work either. It seems changing the .dll to .mxe fixes the issue.
      One question remains though, what's "the"? best way to start a new project (in CodeBlocks)?
      remember again; Will compiling the other examples in the examples-folder create conflicts with standard objects in Max because they have the same name?
    • Aug 01 2011 | 8:55 am
      Thanks, i suspected it wouldn't be that much of a problem but it's better to be safe than sorry ofcourse.
      In codebloocks you have the option of an "empty project", i'll go see if i can make it work by copying the settings from vcproj to this. Thanks for the empty objects!
    • Aug 01 2011 | 11:37 am
      If you are looking for an example on which to base your Code::Blocks project, the 'collect' example in the SDK should provide a model. I'd recommend starting there.
      Cheers, Tim
    • Aug 01 2011 | 12:35 pm
      Looks a bit daunting but i'll check it out, thanks. I suspect it's about the mutex-stuff. Plussz just seemed so nice to begin with sigh...
      O well, down the rabbit-hole we go! (again:)