Controlling VLC with Max?

    Oct 17 2011 | 11:11 am
    I'm building an installation and I need to control several computers to play some video files.
    The video files are: h.264 with 1920x1080. This means that Jitter can not be used. It drops lots of frames and slows down the computer a lot.... even if it only the video player, but each computer it's trying to find people in from of it also.
    So, i'm trying to put VLC as the player, and Max/cv.jit.faces as trigger. My problem is: How to send control data from Max to VLC?
    Simple things: Play file one, play file 2, stop, loop on, loop off, volume up, volume down.
    My question: Does any one have successively control VLC using, or any thing else, from an Max patch? Can you point me in the right direction?
    Sorry my bad English. Thank you

    • Oct 17 2011 | 7:40 pm
      oh yeah, i like your idea very much. One Year ago i did the same, and it works very fine. you never will have performance problems while playing hd Video content.
      The VLC Player has a remote control interface, you can talk to the VLC using
      and the commands to control the VLC (checkout RC and RTCI)
      this could also a good help for you:
      good luck! ....i thought im the only one who wants to control the vlc over max.
    • Oct 17 2011 | 10:12 pm
      In an first test, it worked very well.
      Finally, full HD "on" Max!
      I will post here an patch with an easy interface to VLC, and how to configure every thing properly.
      Till then, have an nice day!
    • Oct 31 2011 | 2:36 pm
      Hi Rui,
      I would really appreciate it if I could take a look at your patch. I have sent an email to your webDOTrfcaldas email address.
    • Dec 26 2012 | 6:47 am
      Hey Rui! I want to make pretty the same thing about remote controlling of multiple vlc players. I've installed tcpclient external to Max, and it seems to be working at my Window 7 machine. But I didn't find a clear explanation of vlc remote commands i need to send from Max. Can you share your Max patch, please? That would be a great help!
    • Sep 12 2013 | 12:38 am
      I made a patch that controls as many VLC computers as you need as long as they're on the same network. You need (only available for mac) Instructions here:
      Here's the patch:
    • Sep 12 2013 | 12:01 pm
      I'm also very interested...
    • Mar 27 2017 | 2:04 pm
      Good ! I’m also very interested
      I have problem with telnet and local network with 2 computers on osx. (10.6 , 10.11) It's ok with telnet on each computer. Ok with telnet to control VLC with the patch, and a terminal test is ok too. (telnet 4212) But on local network, i can't connect. In terminal, the response is : connection refused !! In VLC, LUA host, i have retire host "localhost" for nothing (local ip are failing too) Any ideas ? Vlc, os x problems ?? Thanks
    • Mar 27 2017 | 6:33 pm
      ok for me ! Ip adress client must be edit in .host file. work great.
    • Mar 28 2017 | 8:12 pm
      applescript is also possible if on a Mac.