Funny workaround for a Max4Live bug

    May 12 2016 | 2:49 pm
    Hi guys!
    Last week I've been working on an interactive installation using Max4Live. It's rather simple: one m4l device processes LeapMotion data and sends MIDI commands to the destination instruments through send/receive pairs. The work was going nice and smooth (I'm a Max ninja for the god sake!), but suddenly everything stopped to work. When I'd opened a device for editing — the instrument started to work again. After a little investigation I supposed that something was wrong with a [receive] object in the device. I decided to connect the object to the right inlet of a message box to the input. And… EVERYTHING WORKED! As I know that Max sometimes behaves very strangely (hello path-based and [forward] issues), I decided just leave everything as is. It's working isn't it?
    So, why not to have a bit of fun and discuss what strange things did you guys have with Max?
    P.S. And I attached a screenshot of my workaround :)