gl clock-moving the second hand smoothy

    Nov 24 2009 | 9:22 am
    hello all
    any help would be great, i am just abit stuck....
    the problem is that when the hours hand is moved more than a couple of hours at once, the second hand spins around and around very fast and it looks like it jumps from one place to another, i would like the second hand to move smoothy.
    the patch will be use as a touch screen, as a user you with press on the hour hand, as you move the hour hand around it will move a video backward and forwards in time, this bit is sorted its just a bit of background.
    it got some loadbangs
    thanks in advance

    • Nov 24 2009 | 11:14 pm
      just had a look, isnt it just a case of the second hand moving so fast that your frame rate cannot cope to display the steps?
    • Nov 25 2009 | 6:42 pm
      setting the qmetro to 5 and removing the speedlim object worked for me. i would recommend toggling the @sync attribute of jit.window and determine which looks better. i would guess enabling sync is the best solution.
      but yeah, as in all computer graphics your limited by your display refresh rate.
    • Nov 26 2009 | 10:14 am
      thanks for the relays, it does look better with sync on, yeah i think it is the frame rate, i have set the second hand to be *3 instead if *12 too, it not accurate any more but i dont think people will care.
      thanks ben