Guru tutor wanted (ideally in Vancouver, BC)

    Mar 07 2010 | 8:56 pm
    I'm looking for a maxmsp/jitter guru in Vancouver willing to give (paid) private lessons. Actually more like a mentorship than structured lessons in the traditional sense. I've got some specific projects to work on but very limited time. What I need then is a guru who can act as a 'plug-in brain' while I get up to speed. Specific areas of interest: jitter; computer vision (triggering based on video events); spatial sound; implementing complex logic (max equivalents of traditional programming); max as a tool for creating interactive prototypes; extending max with custom patches; interfacing to hardware (Arduino, Phidgets); data visualization; creating reusable components; best practices, guru shortcuts and workflow.
    (Before anyone says "just use the tutorials", I am … and they are very good. Just don't underestimate the benefit of one-on-one instruction.)
    Thinking about this, it might be possible to carry out instruction via Skype and Apple Remote Desktop or VNC. Only requirements are English fluency, some experience in teaching (because doing and communicating are different beasts), and … a scientific/humanistic worldview ;-)
    You can contact me via