Hard time with screen ratio

    Nov 17 2012 | 9:56 am
    Title says it all : I've got a strange behaviour related to movies screen ratios. Started patching this in max 6.08 then to adapt it for a M4L device. But there is this strange behaviour wit screen ratios : sometimes, it's read normally but when I start changing the movies in the players, the movie dims and ratios seem to be read in reverse order (240 320 for example), which gives me a wrong x scaling.You can have a look at the max window as I print movie dims and ratios from the player 1.
    My config is mbp 2 x 2,4 ghz 3 Go ram osx 10.6.8 max 6.08.

    • Nov 20 2012 | 8:31 am
      With a different (basic) patch. Can someone explain what's going on here when you change the window size using the umenu ? For me, the window dims ratio doesn't reflect the menu's content. This is driving me mad...
    • Nov 20 2012 | 9:02 am
      The $1 variable always sends only the first value of the incoming list. use prepend instead or use two variables in your messagebox: "size $1 $2". this patch should make it clear:
    • Nov 20 2012 | 7:02 pm
      Thanks Tobias ! Know this but I must have lost my mind trying to get my head around the screen ratio topic. Back to the basics, really good sometimes. Nevertheless, I still don't understand what goes on with the movie dims in the patch above.