Interactive film using cv.jit

    Jun 30 2010 | 3:13 pm
    Hi, let me first state that i am not looking for anyone to create my patch for me, only a few nods in the right direction! I'm currently creating a film with an interactive dream sequence element as a masters project. The video is linear until a point (character goes to sleep), then becomes interactive using gesture recognition to navigate through video images.
    The video files are loaded randomly from a library of files stored in a list, and a set timescale for the interactive section triggers the end (character wakes up, credits roll). If anyone here has seen the opening sequence to Persona, then this is where my inspiration comes from.
    So i'm planning on using cv.jit for the gesture recognition, as i've seen it's been recommend often in these forums. Can anyone give a nod as to how to distinguish between left and right hand gestures (solely moving left and right, in a breast stroke motion), and how to pan in the Jitter window? Can i achieve what i plan to do?
    Also, has anyone has seen a project like this that i may not have come across, using max or not?

    • Jul 03 2010 | 3:02 am
      toni dove with her piece 'spectropia' ..she did exactly what you're trying to do..she did things like doing a hand crank motion to advance the film as well as many other interactive elements for a live cinema experience
      she collaborated with luke dubois (one of the co-authors of jitter) and they performed the piece together when I saw it..obviously using jitter in one helluva huge patch (they demonstrated how things were working after the show)
      cv.jit is what you want..then look at the various optical flow objects within's very easy to get left and right fairly reliably
      then to pan within the jitter window you would need some disposable resolution (ie the resolution of your film would be higher than what is shown in the frame)..then you could use jit.rota and change it's center/ anchor position
    • Jul 05 2010 | 7:26 pm
      Thanks for that, laserpilot. Toni Dove's done some interesting stuff with Max. If only i had Luke DuBois on board, everything would be so much simpler! Wish i could find a video/screenshot/rundown of the patch they made for Spectropia but i don't think it's going to be easy to hunt down.
      My plan was to shoot in 1080p then leave the window at 720, leaving me a lot of room to play with.
      I've modified a webcam to become an IR cam. I'll try this when it gets darker today, but i imagine using the cv.jit.opticalflow object with only the subject lit will help with identifying hand positioning. I'll update with the results