jit.gl.texture @wrap bug?

    Jun 15 2006 | 2:31 pm
    I'm using an array of js instantiated jit.gl.textures @rectangle 0. The default wrapping mode for power-of-two textures is "repeat". When I change the wrap attribute of all textures (i.e. mirroredrepeat or clampedge), most of them are changed accordingly but some others stick to "repeat". I can try to set this attribute over and over, but the ones that stick always stick. I guess somethings gone wrong at construction time.(?)
    function wrap(s) { var tmp = s; for(var k=0; k { hObjects[k].wrap = tmp; post("tex_container set wrap for "+k+"n"); } }
    from checking the max window nObj is correct, and all textures should be changed. I also know that the hObjects[] array is correct because I use these handles to reference the textures for other functions that work without problems.
    This is the function I use to create and setup the jit.gl.textures. Even if I set it default to "mirroredrepeat" at the setup, the problem remains. All other attibutes like name and file work correctly.
    function setup() { for(var k=0; k { hObjects[k] = new JitterObject("jit.gl.texture", context); hObjects[k].name = id+"."+k; hObjects[k].automatic = 0; hObjects[k].rectangle = 0; hObjects[k].wrap = "mirroredrepeat"; hObjects[k].file = texPath+textlines[k]; }
    outlet(0,["count", nObj]); }
    Any ideas?

    • Jun 15 2006 | 6:27 pm
      I'm seeing correct behavior in my tests with the latest devlopment build, as testing with jit.gl.texture.help + jit.gl.gridshape @tex_map 1. Can you verify this on your machine + also perhaps provide a more complete, but simple example to illustrate?
      Thanks, -Joshua
    • Jun 15 2006 | 8:37 pm
      Hi Joshua,
      The helpfile works correct on my machine too. It only occurs with multiple instances of jit.gl.texture. I also checked if there is some kind of logical pattern to it, but it appears to be totally random. I'll try to provide a simple test patch in the following days.
      best, thijs