[jit.grab] stability (OSX, 64bit Max)

    Jun 20 2013 | 1:40 pm
    Dear Friends
    I observed persistent problems with the [jit.grab] object. The object sometimes is crashing my patches after resolution change (resolution of the grabber, of course) via dim message.
    The problem occurs quite frequently, but irregularly (sometimes everything is ok, sometimes, after a few changes Max crashes). This is related to my patches, but also to the default help patch.
    I was trying to investigate the problem (especially to find 100% working method to reproduce the crash), but without any success. The only thing I found is: with @unique 1 attribute the object is even less stable.
    And, as I mentioned, all those "behaviours" are connected to 64bit Max (QTkit?)
    What do you think?