Jitter 1.6.3 for OS X Universal Binary and Windows XP

    May 24 2007 | 8:13 pm
    Hi All,
    The final version of Jitter 1.6.3 now available for download at the following URL. Thanks for all the bug reports and testing. The set of changes from Jitter 1.6.2 are at bottom.
    Jitter 1.6.3
    new features: - jit.gl.graph new radial mode - jit.gl.multiple added support for matrices with @dimcount > 2 - jit.gl.render new draw_buffer attribute for use with stereo contexts - jit.gl.shader/slab Cg multi-texturing support - jit.gl.sketch added glalphafunc command - jit.window new stereo attribute for active stereo - Universal Binary Cg.framework support
    bug fixes: - jit.broadcast fix for threading issues - jit.dx.grab fix for "write filename 0" crash bug (if frame rate is specified as - jit.dx.videoout fix for crash when clicking open without camera attached - jit.freeframe fix for plug-ins employing in-place processing - jit.gl.mesh fix for index_matrix bug - jit.gl.model fix for materials mapping to incorrect groups - jit.gl.multiple fix for invalid bind target errors with shaders - jit.gl.multiple fix for leftmost inlet double draw - jit.gl.multiple fix for shader state bug - jit.gl.render speed improvement for many disabled jit.gl.* objects - jit.gl.shader fix for Cg shader params on context change bug - jit.gl.shader fix for vertex attribute binding - jit.gl.sketch fix for material state bleed through - jit.gl.sketch fix for roundedplane command - jit.gl.slab fix for @inputs > 8 crashes - jit.gl.slab fix for glreadback fbo unsupported format errors - jit.gl.slab fix for multi-GPU, multi-monitor Macintosh systems - jit.gl.slab speed and resource improvement - jit.gl.texture fix for bordercolor bugs - jit.gl.texture fix for depth texture error message - jit.gl.texture fix for error messages - jit.gl.texture fix for issues capturing and sharing between contexts - jit.gl.texture fix for mipmap bug - jit.gl.videoplane fix for changing texture related attributes, so that it rebuilds geometry - jit.matrix fix for memory leak - jit.net.send/recv fix for threading issues - jit.op/jit.expr fix for pass operator on PPC - jit.op/jit.expr fix for wrap and fold operators on Intel - jit.plume fix for divide by zero crash on intel - jit.qt.grab fix for compression type bit depth bug - jit.qt.movie fix for asyncread's missing loop notifications - jit.qt.movie fix for crash on flatten - jit.qt.movie fix for double loop notifications on first play of newly-read movie in soc mode - jit.qt.movie fix for framedump stop bug - jit.qt.movie fix for getmoviename and getmoviepath's incorrect use of windows character encodings - jit.qt.movie fix for memory leak - jit.qt.movie fix for persistence of "highquality", "singlefield" and "deinterlace" attributes between movies - jit.qt.movie fix for playhints defaults problem - jit.qt.movie fix for various stability issues with spigot~ - jit.qt.movie fix for XML read/write memory leak - jit.tiffany fix for non-char types - jit.vcr fix for audio/video synchronization problems - jitter audio objects fix for crashes when closing patchers with audio on - spigot~ fix for XML entity encoding bug
    miscellaneous: - new cc.brcosa.jxs shader - new mat.phong.glsl.jxs and mat.phong.cg.jxs shaders