jsui java pluggo -> friendly?

    Apr 27 2006 | 3:37 pm
    I'm having strange problems with a pluggo I recently made. I'm running it in Logic 7, and there are two main concerns:
    1) everytime I open an instance, a jsui-based label fires (don't know why, nothing's banging it...)
    2) audio seems to get "trapped" inside the plug. Sometimes when I re-locate to the top of the song, it belches out some of the previous audio. It also sometimes does this when I open the plugin window of an instance.
    Eventually, these problems get worse, and Logic hangs. Booo. Has anyone noted any odd behavior of plugs that contain jsui, or lots of java? I found a couple of threads on the forum, but nothing like what I'm experiencing. Do loadbangs re-fire when you open/re-open a pluggo instance? (not load, just open the window)
    [ EDIT ] ooh. Also, does anyone know of any tricks for performance tuning pluggos? Are there any? I know there's very little that can be done in terms of "Performance Options", but are there any low-level tricks? Hint: I've quite a few buffer~s and a poly~ in there...