M4L patch will not load and freezes live. HELPPP!!!!

    Apr 06 2010 | 6:04 am
    I've been working for the past two days on an patch to control Live via TouchOSC directly... the details of that are unimportant...
    My problem is that now when I try to load the device it freezes live. Because it's in .amxd format, there is now no way for me to open it to fix the problem. I think it's being caused by a loadmess or loadbang...
    IS THERE some way to get the patch open or am I screwed? So many hours of work over the last two days...

    • Apr 06 2010 | 2:45 pm
      Make a backup of your device.
      Open the device as text in a text editor,
      Select and copy all from the first { on the first line to the last } down at the bottom.
      Open Max, or open the MFL editor.
      Create a new blank patcher. Paste the clipboard into it.
      Save as a Max patcher. This should give you the code, now you have to figure out what you did wrong and get it back into an MFL device
    • Apr 06 2010 | 6:47 pm
      That worked perfectly. Thank you so much! I took the loadbangs out and now it is working fine. Beautiful!