Max crashing with autopattr and pattrstorage

    Nov 30 2007 | 8:35 pm
    Hi I'm writing to know if this has happened to anyone else.
    I have incorporated autopattr and pattrstorage in a patch in order to store multislider (256 sliders) values to later be generated randomly.
    I think it is important to mention that this same patch has a few other tasks to do such as auto volume or panning/random 16 step sequencing/ fast triggering / pitch shift etc...
    Anyways, I have found out somewhere on the forum that you cannot have pattstorage store many objects independently in the same patch .The only way around this was to separate objects in bpatchers and use the greed on theses objects.
    But since I want everything in the same window, I've accepted to only control my "256 multislider" with autopattr uniquely connected to it. This is also connected to a counter which automatically goes to the next preset every time I store values. After say 12 storing, I generate a random object to play randomly between each 12 presets.
    I do all of this while many other objects are doing other task. I have even doubled every objects to have a double patch in a single window. Enabling me to manipulate 2 separate sounds.
    Now, shortly after trying to store in pattrstorage max crashes !! Everytime. Is this only do to a lack of RAM? (768Mb)
    Is autopattr and pattrstorage hard on cpu? I want to use this patch live but obviously can't have max crashing.
    Thanks for anyone help or insight on this one.