MSP objects not showing

    Sep 30 2009 | 5:23 pm
    When I create a new object only max objects are showing as I type in the box. If I enter the full name of a MSP object it loads fine, and I can click on the "=" to view all the MSP objects, but I cannot search for them in the object box.
    Probably something I am just missing but it is pretty annoying!
    Thanks for your help Chris

    • Sep 30 2009 | 7:33 pm
      Hi Chris,
      What version of Max do you have installed? Have you tried trashing Max's preferences folder?
      Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Max5 Preferences Folder
      XP: c:Documents and SettingsYour usernameApplication DataCycling'74
      Please note that "Application Data" is an invisible folder and may need to be made viewable.
    • Oct 02 2009 | 8:55 am
      Thanks Ben,
      I deleted all the unused files and it seems to have sorted out the issue.
      Also thanks for reminding me to update my version of Max!
      Regards Chris