no response of the 'key' object

    Feb 10 2012 | 9:27 am
    i have this special case in which i need a number box to behave differently when changed with dragging the mouse or when changed with just entering a number and then press return.
    so i try to solve the problem with the 'key' object but strange enough: if you enter a number in the number box and you press 'return' you won't get any reaction with the 'key' object. only after you hit 'return' for the second time the 'key' object reacts....
    i know that the 'b' word is nearly forbidden on the forum, but is it a bug?

    • Feb 10 2012 | 11:27 am
      I think that's normal behavior. If you type a number in the number box, the blinking cursor indicates that pressing 'return' will affect the number box and nothing else. Thus it's not recognized from the key object.
    • Feb 10 2012 | 11:41 am
      meanwhile i think that, too. but i wonder if the guys couldn't change it easily - it would make the number-box a bit more flexible - but maybe would cause some other problems in the patcher ;-)
      luckily i found another way to solve my problem :-)
      thanx anyway so long
    • Feb 10 2012 | 4:50 pm
      Since time immemorial (ie since the late 1980s) an active number box has swallowed keystrokes before the key object gets to process them.
      Changing this behavior now would break, by the last count, approximately 299,792,458 existing patches. Think about that when you ask for a behavior change.
      You could, however, use the keyup object.