[OT] High frq noise on sound output/Laptop Issue

    Nov 25 2006 | 7:55 pm
    So I got my laptop, a core 2 duo machine which will cover my live processing needs. I'm using an m-audio Fasttrack Pro sound Card which is bus powered, uses USB to operate.
    When it is connected to my laptop, I can hear a high pitched noise in sound output. I bring levels all the way down, with the knob over the unit, but noise still persists. So this high pitched deep noise is there regardless of the output level.
    If the computer is busy doing something, or if its refreshing the screen, the noise goes away for that instant, and when the computer becomes idle, noise comes back. If I move this browser window around, noise stops, but if I stop, noise starts.
    Sometimes, it is worse when computer operates on ac adapter.
    I'm using windows xp pro sp2.
    I thought this was a common problem, but a search on google and this board did not givem uch results about it.
    Hope you have some suggestions for me, this is so distracting.

    • Nov 25 2006 | 9:58 pm
      What make and model is it?
      I can completely sympathise because i've got the same thing with my new laptop, an Acer, it only happens when the AC adapter's attached...but f**king hell it drives me mad!
      It's coming from the actual laptop and not the audio outs, so i suspect it's something to do with either the power supply or possibly an important component's on the way out.
      I've emailed the manufacturer directly about it because it's like a bad case of tinitus and it makes all audio work virtually impossible, even typing up a report is like hell on earth, what with having a 12kHz tone at about 35dBs constantly ringing in my ears!
      My solution is simple, just to run it from the battery but it's not a practical solution when i'm working away from home, (so i don't have access to my desktop), and i want to work for more than 2-3 hours at a stretch.
      I have heard of lots of other people who've had ground loop problems when their laptops have been plugged in, Dells are a common source of problems, although this is usually in the 50-60Hz and harmonics thereof...not the nasty tinitus-esque tone that i'm getting!
      You could have a look through this thread here but it mainly seems to be about low frequency noise: http://www.soundonsound.com/forum/showflat.php?cat=&Number=222392&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1#222392
      If you want, i'll let you know what the manufacturer says when they eventually reply...although it's the weekend now so i doubt i'll hear anything until Monday at the earliest.
      Hope that helps, John
    • Nov 27 2006 | 1:05 am
      Thanks John! I've actually managed to fix my problem, but now I have the problem which is similar to yours...
      My soundcard was making noise making that noise even when powered through batteries. I've placed the computer as far as possible from the sound card, and the noise dissappeared. I came back close, and noise did not cme back. I have absolutely no idea about what is going on here.
      Then I plugged the adapter in, and noise came back. Unplugging the adapter removes noise, which was not the case before.
      I cancelled the ground connections of my adapter(which is not a good idea, but computer runs with dc so no health risk for me. But he adapter itself is not safe that way. And actually lightning surges have more chances of killing my computer now) but noise on adapter is disappeared too now.
      And after some time, a similar noise started to come from my computer itself! It's very quiet, but loud enough to be heard distinctively. My laptop is a Compal EL81 by the way, which is supported by intel. and I can't figure out the source of that noise.
      When I scroll the screen, or when the screen is updated, the noise stops. So I guess, it's the buzzer receiving interference from something and making that noise.
      Man, I want to pull that buzzer off! Badly!!...
      Any suggestions? The noise from computer comes when on batteries too...
      Thanks.(I can scroll this screen forever, as noise stops and I'm at peace)
    • Nov 27 2006 | 2:32 am
      Ok, I2m usually good at sptting problems and troubleshooting stuff, but this is a strange one, really.
      If I open cubase the noise is gone. I minimize it with no projects open, and no there is noise. If I close it, laptop starts to sing again.
      I tried it with reason too, It stopst the noise too.
      Tried it with max, noise persists with it.
      So I thought that It has something to do with enabling or disabling ASIO audio with external soundcard or stg. I enabled audio within max, did not help.
      Then I launched Reaktor, noise is gone, I disabled audio in reaktor, and still no nise. So nothing to do with audio.
      I don't get it, really.
    • Dec 12 2006 | 4:06 pm
    • Dec 13 2006 | 4:01 am
      WPRC, lifting the ground connection from your laptop adapter will help, which is not actually very safe. But it solved my soundcard problem. Noise coming from the computer persists, but that is a common issue with my laptop and we are waiting a solution for it from intel8as this is a intel verified computer)
      Hope that helps.