OT: NIME 2009 - Call for papers

    Dec 15 2008 | 11:59 pm
    Greetings, everyone:
    On behalf of the NIME 2009 Committee, we invite you to be part of the 9th
    International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, organized by
    the School of Music, School of Art, Carnegie Institute of Technology,
    Entertainment Technology Center and School of Computer Science at Carnegie
    Mellon University.
    We encourage contributions in the following categories:
    * Papers (full papers, short papers, posters)
    * Demonstrations
    * Live Performances
    * Installations
    Complete submission guidelines are available on the conference website at
    We welcome submissions on topics related to new interfaces for music
    performance including, but not limited to:
    Novel controllers and interfaces for musical expression
    Novel controllers for collaborative performance
    Novel musical instruments
    Computational methods of composition
    Augmented/hyper instruments
    Interfaces for dance and physical expression
    Interactive Game Music
    Robotic Music
    Interactive sound and multimedia installations
    Interactive sonification
    Sensor and actuator technologies
    Haptic and force feedback devices
    Interface protocols and data formats
    Gesture and music
    Perceptual & cognitive issues
    Interactivity design and software tools
    Musical mapping strategies
    Performance analysis and machine learning
    Performance rendering and generative algorithms
    Experiences with novel interfaces in education and entertainment
    Experiences with novel interfaces in live performance and composition
    Surveys of past work and stimulating ideas for future research
    Historical studies in twentieth-century instrument design
    Reports on student projects in the framework of NIME related courses
    Artistic, cultural, and social impact of NIME technology
    Gesture measurement
    Enabling music networks
    Submission of proposals (papers, posters, performances, installations):
    January 24, 2008
    Notification of acceptance/rejection (installations and performances):
    March 13, 2009
    Notification of acceptance/rejection (papers and posters):
    March 20, 2009
    Early registration:
    May 1, 2009
    Author registration (papers and posters):
    May 1, 2009
    Submission of final papers:
    April 15, 2008
    For any further information/question/comment/suggestion, please send an email
    to the local organizing committee at info@nime2009.org.