patch went back in the past!

    Jan 04 2012 | 8:00 pm
    Hi I've been working on a patch for some days, i finished it so i putted it in a nice presentation mode, and SAVED it, than in the Finder i changed the patch name and i moved it in an other folder. when i reopened it was went back to 2 days ago and also in Finder file info it says that the file was modified 2 days ago... so i lost 2 days of my life! no way to have my patch back! somebody has any idea? thanks

    • Jan 04 2012 | 8:54 pm
      I bet you have multiple patches with this name in your search paths. Does the Max window say anything about dupes?
    • Jan 04 2012 | 11:17 pm
      no unfortunately max doesn't say anything, probably it wasn't at all a max problem, maybe the finder itself. I was thinking that 2 days ago is the last time i turn off my laptop so... (of course i saved the patch, closed and reopened it lot of times) i don't know and i'll redo it much faster if my memory permit it... i was just curious if it never heppened to someone else!
    • Jan 05 2012 | 2:37 pm
      I had this happen several times and I thought I was going crazy. I went back through the history of the file using Time Machine and found that the new version was there a few days before, then time machine stopped backing it up because the modify date became earlier than it had been. I never figured out how that could happen, but I doubt Max was to blame.
      Who needs flying saucer conspiracies when this sort of thing is going on.
    • Jan 05 2012 | 4:32 pm
      ya i was so sad to not have done a timemachine back up... and i was also thinking... "save" or "save as" then i thought... save as means that after i have to remember to search for and delete the old file... but it would have saved me a lot of work. at least i'm not alone... unfortunately for others
    • Jan 08 2012 | 12:18 am
      I think I figured out how this is happening. If I save a file (leaving it open), then copy it to another computer, work on it, then copy it back to the same place it was (overwriting the old file), and open it, I will now have 2 versions of the patch open in Max. One of those patches is the new one, while the other is outdated. I then spend a few hours perfecting the newer patch, saving often like a good citizen, then decide to quit Max for the night. When I quit Max, it asks me if I want to save changes to the patch. Of course I say OK and that's that, until I open the patch the next morning and realize that it has gone back to the version that I copied to the other computer back whenever.
      When Max asked me about saving changes, it was focused on the old version of the patch left open after copying, not the new one I updated. Max let's you open the same patch any number of times, and will save one over a newer one without any warning. It might make sense to only allow one instance of the same patch to be open at once.
      Check to make sure you only have one copy of your patch open.
    • Jan 08 2012 | 8:43 am
      > I think I figured out how this is happening.
      There is an easier and more likely way to get into trouble: basically max allows to open the same file twice. Say you're working on a patch, minimize it to dock, check email, forget about the minimized document and open it again with a double-click in Finder... Some applications won't allow opening the same document twice. Alternatively, max could post a warning.
      Part of my personal workflow is to regularly duplicate in Finder the document I'm working on, to ensure the possibility of going back to an earlier version. With max4 sometimes patches got corrupted. Loosing days of work is a life enriching experience, but I thought once is enough.