Please criticise our work/Re-Wire help needed.

    Apr 23 2011 | 2:09 pm
    Hi guys,
    Pasted below is our patch.
    The purpose of this patch:
    To act as a wii-remote MIDI CC controller in Ableton to control automation data that the user can record and playback multiple 'takes' of automation data for the user to choose from.
    What it currently does:
    It reads MIDI CC data, from Osculator, via a wii remote and that data is represented by a slider. This data is then able to be recorded, packed/unpacked and played back. (effectively a midi controller with data recording and multiple playback capabilities)
    What we want it to do:
    We want to re-wire it to control Ableton. we want it to read the tempo from Ableton and have that control the speed of the metronome-based recording/packing system present in the patch. We also want it to read the looping points and work within the confines of the loop points in ableton.
    We're really new to Max and ReWiring so any help would be appreciated. Any other suggestions, constructive criticisms and pointers about our patch are also greatly welcomed, thank you.

    • Apr 24 2011 | 10:22 pm
      Has anyone been able to have a look over this yet? I would greatly appreciate any advice and pointers :) thank you!