possible to use remote webcams in Jitter?

    Feb 26 2008 | 6:25 pm
    Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to feed a number of remote webcams (webcams located all over the world) into Jitter as video sources?
    I'm researching a project that would need to feed in a dozen or possible a couple dozen webcam images as video sources for processing in Jitter all at the same time. (framerate might not be critical)
    I don't currently know all the details and don't know if these would be existing webcams currently showing on various websites, or if we would be able to set up the webcams ourselves with whatever sending software is required.
    I prefer using a PC to do this, since that is my current version of Max/Jitter, but if we have to use a Mac and buy another copy of Max/Jitter for this project, that is possible.
    The project is currently being defined, but might not happen for several months, so maybe could wait for Max5 if that is required.
    Thanks for any advice.

    • Feb 26 2008 | 6:50 pm
      have a look at "jitwebimage-example.pat", which is located in examples > jitter-examples > java.
      from my experience, this is the way to go.
    • Feb 27 2008 | 11:14 pm
      where can I find out more details about jitwebimage?
      When I ALT + CLICK on it I get "error: jitwebimage: no help file found"
      (Max 4.6.3, Jitter 1.6.3 on WinXP)
    • Feb 27 2008 | 11:36 pm
      And a further thought.
      A long time ago (OK, a few years ago) webcams uploaded single JPEG images every so often. Maybe every 15 or 30 seconds. But for quite a while now they stream live images using other technologies such as wmv or Flash and are capable of full video rates, or close to it.
      It sounds like jitwebimage would be capable of dealing with those really old style web cams, but what about streaming webcams?
      Is there any method of receiving images from those streaming cams? And from a lot of those at once, since this project requires receiving a dozen or two dozen streaming images at the same time, though at slightly reduced frame rates, like maybe 5-10 frames/sec.