Problems opening Max4.5, because of Rewire?

    Feb 14 2006 | 2:54 am
    My setup=PowerBook G4 with ProToolsLE 6.4, Reason 2.5, and Reason Adapted for Digidesign...hardware=Digi002 rack.
    I haven't used Max in a while so I'm kind of rusty..., but I can only seem to open Max when Protools is open...I assume this may have something to do with Rewire, or ProTools is configuring the Midi setup...if I try and open Max without Protools open it just gets hung up on the opening screen with 'initializing Midi' message. Is there an easy way to make so I can open Max without Protools, but still have the option of using Protools (via Rewire) to open and record Max too?
    I know it's something simple I'm overlooking...