ps3 eye control

    Feb 17 2010 | 6:10 pm
    Hello all,
    I am currently working on an installation for which i am hoping to use my ps3 eye usb camera. However, I have been running into issues with getting Jitter to override the automatic camera settings. I currently have the latest version of macam and when i use the settings argument I only get options to set the saturation, brightness and contrast. I really need to be able to manually control the gain and shutter settings however i do not get these options in max. they are available in the standalone version of macam so i assume that there must be some way to control these settings. If anyone has any experience using this camera any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Feb 18 2010 | 9:40 pm
      no ideas?
    • Feb 19 2010 | 11:45 pm
      Try the cv build 9/25 -
      It's flakey but has the control you're after.
    • Feb 21 2010 | 5:17 am
      Thanks, this seems to be working for my needs. Again, thanks!
    • Apr 18 2010 | 1:54 pm
      I only get the brightness,contrast and saturation parameters in settings in jitter, and I have the 9/25 build installed. Anything special you did to access shutter and gain, or did they just show up in your settings dialog?
    • Apr 18 2010 | 2:24 pm
      I cant answer to you request, but as PS3 user with max, maybe you could help me: I always have this error message (with my macbook pro 10.5 and a mac-mini 10.6)… CoreAudio: WARNING: An audio device has been added or removed to the system. You may need to restart MaxMSP.
    • Apr 18 2010 | 2:26 pm
      send 'settings' to jit.qt.grab, go to tab webcam, untick autogain, move sliders. (with Max 4.6.3)
    • Apr 18 2010 | 3:00 pm
      As usual when I post to the forums I figure it out five minutes later :-) I had a mix of new macam app and old component for the qt library, but now it works fine.
      I get the same audio warnings in the max window, but so far this hasn´t caused any problems for me.
    • Apr 18 2010 | 4:03 pm
      ok , And any ideas about the jpeg joined, which does my PS3 sometimes ? I understand why is it so good market…