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Mar 01 2010 | 6:41 pm

You need to access your midi controller from your patch.
You have to connect a [live.path control_surfaces N] (N is the "number" of your control surface -this have to be configured in LIve’s preferences-) to a, and send a "property value" message to it. Have a look at the Live.Api_explorer.amxd patch from (I forgot his name) I’ve attached. It will help you going to your control surface, find the right path and gives you information about what you can expect to do with it.
I’ve also attached a little patcher I’ve made in order to have the Launchpad matrix buttons coordinates informations to be translated into single numbers… perfect for midi note number. I can insert this patcher into a m4L audio device and have midi control.
You won’t be able to do something with if you don’t have a launchpad, but maybe it could be handy to look at it (the top half part of it).

… And I just realise that this will probably work only if you have a "Live-supported" controller; i.e the controllers that can be selected in Live’s preferences, midi sync tab, in the control surfaces part, not the "midi ports" one. But there’s a little chance you controller’s not, except if you bought it 20 years ago, or if you DIY it.

And, sorry my english.


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