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March 24, 2013 | 8:04 pm

Thanks both!
Hubert, thanks for the suggestions about going to uyvy colormode. I’ve been looking through your notes and vado’s demos , but haven’t so far figured out exactly how to apply them to my patch correctly – could you elaborate a bit? Have tried various things but can’t seem to get the color space straightened back out in the end. I’ve attached new patches – the qtread1 abstraction is where I now read the quick time; the rest of the relevant stuff is still in the main patch. (Thanks also for Hap tip… will look into this – but not sure if it’ll give enough flexibility to allow for me to work with the videos using matrix objects? I’m planning to do quite a bit of matrix work.)

LSka, looks like you’re right about the @erase_color causing the strange changes in the background, thanks!
I suspect audio problem could be from patch saved with line input; I’ve saved this one with mic input so hopefully easier to open. If not, try setting input before turning on audio.

Thanks again all,