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Feb 21 2010 | 8:16 pm

With cross~ this doesn’t work because the ramp of the filter is too soft…
i used vb.cheby~ instead…
plus i had to filter just after the [in~] because it is not smoothed at all during the upsampling conversion, see patch below (open the poly)…
this works, and sounds nice but, wow, takes a lot of cpu… i did *8 upsampling but maybe *4 could be enough depanding on the sound.

also maybe i could find less cpu expensive than vb.cheby~ ?

I tryed this saturation test also at 96Khz, using 96Khz recordings, (which means upsampling at 8*96=768Khz), this sounds really nice!, it make me remember about my old warm sounding vinyls…


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