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Feb 16 2012 | 2:05 am

Re: ReWire support — I think I’m going to give up and try to make it all work with soundflower. I can’t submit a bug report because it just seems random. Last weekend I was doing a live show (a pancake breakfast, oh yeah!) and when I started up my system, max/msp no longer even showed up as a ReWire option. It was working just prior — no reboot, no nothing. It just stopped working. When I get a free moment I’ll see if I can get it work again, but if I recall it was also a process seemingly ditctated by some kind of chaotic attractor. After going through the delete/copy/link/delete/link/copy dance with the MSPReWireDevice.bundle several times it mysteriously started working.

I realize this isn’t a Cycling issue so much as a Propellerheads issue, and I’m really hoping that maybe soundflower is a better solution. I really need to interconnect various processes to make the Sounds I Love.


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