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Sep 05 2011 | 6:04 pm

Ok that part is now clear emmanuel, thanks

However… I've tried out different flags and attribute settings and I don't fully understand what they do. I included the c-file and a table with my findings, I hope it's clear, let me know if that's not the case

seems to do nothing, it is supposed to disable setting from max and from a c message, but I can still do that (with a message box, or in c with object_attr_setparse for example)

does what it should, disabling setting it from max (with message and inspector)

– object_attr_setdisabled
doesn't seem to do anything but greying out the name, the value is still settable with message, inspector and c method, is that correct?

this removes the message option to set the value, why?

– bonus question:
how can you query an attribute from an object?
is that done with with something like? class_attr_getvalueof? (I only found class_attr_attr_getvalueof)


  1. attrtestertimo.c

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