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Aug 23 2010 | 7:25 am

this is from an archive of stuff i have of other people’s patches… posted long ago and i can’t find the original thread now(hope the author doesn’t mind me posting it here). it does the granular-streaming thang pretty well and all within signal realm, but i’m unclear on whether you want more control over the stream of grains(even as the grains keep an ordered phase-relationship, as in a ‘granular train’, maybe you want to still control more parameters on each grain as the train plays back?) and also what do you mean by using a single file for a grain? does that mean the entire granular synthesis would come from playback of short-duration files? that seems more a matter of sequencing audio files than of granular synthesis(because, in that case, it would be more efficient to take care of the windowing ahead of time right there within each file)…
anyways… this might not be what you’re looking for since i’m unclear on that, but in case it helps…

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