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March 22, 2010 | 4:40 pm

Thanks for this long awaited plug-in.

A couple of remarks:

– i first opened the help file, and a scan started. As the iLok key for MOTU’s MachFive wasn’t plugged into my laptop, a MOTU window appeared asking if I wanted to authorize or cancel, but it was impossible to click on those buttons. I had to kill Max and logout to get rid of this MOTU window. And I had to plug the iLok to be able to try the plug-in.

– I use 2 monitors. It seems that the option-Window menu trick doesn’t work to put the AU window on the main screen.
It looks like the AU window position depends on its previous position, so I often had the plug-in window’s title bar hidden under the menu, with no way to move this window.

– I couldn’t get any sound from the couple of instruments I tried, but I didn’t try for a long time.

– if you dble-click very fast in the audiounit~ box after you selected a new plug-in, you wil get the window of the previous plug-in.

– a plug-in like the free TC M30 reverb doesn’t have a bypass, so the bypass message doesn’t work.

– in the help file a clear message before the creation of the plug-in list thru the getpluginnames mesage would be nice.

РI now just closed the help window (while the [p midi] and 2 AU windows were open), and I have the spining wheel. I had to kill Max (the report is attached).

OSX.5.8, Max5.1.3