Re: begin~inside poly~does not work?!!?

Forums > MaxMSP > begin~inside poly~does not work?!!?
Sep 14 2012 | 7:37 pm

This is what i am already doing, using thispoly~to shutdown individual voices. But inside every voice i am using different Waveform-Generators to provide selectable Waveforms. Every waveform is using a begin~and end up in a selector~… just like inside the documentation … but none of the seperate dsp-subchains shut down.

Another example is my 2:1 X-Over. I am using a sine object to calculate the perfect xover. However if one path of the xover is zero i am shutting it down with begin~ using a gate~object. This also, however, does not work inside a poly~instanciated voice …



Patcher! There you go !

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