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Jul 15 2011 | 8:05 am

Hi Ben, thanks for the tip!

Multiprocessor support was turned on, turning it off made CPU-usage jump about 5 % and made it rise more rapidly once I turned on the device. Seems like there’s some kind of recursion-process going on that’s just put on halt when I turn off the device (or at least takes a long time to resolve), as the CPU-usage more or less stays at the level it was at when I turned the device back off. For instance; I open the live set, CPU-usage is at about 3-5 %. Start monitoring inputs, goes up a bit. Turn on the device in question, immediately jumps to 15% starts rising. Turn the device off again, and CPU stays at the reached percentage.

The patch is a mess at the moment, but I’m attaching it to this message, maybe someone else can make some more sense of it? You need to have the sigmund-external installed for it to work at all.


– c

  1. RingPitchFllw.amxd

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