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Apr 13 2011 | 9:32 am

it might be different (=better) in max5, but in max4 i always had the same problem –
when i originally wanted to switch between patches, which were all in fullscreen mode

but you can find solutions by the use of simple logic – dont forget that you can, for
example, escape from the fs mode and restart it.

i also found various problems with fullscreen mode operations which were releated to
order and threading. when something releated to [thispatcher] does not perform as
exspected, try to use [defer] and [deferlow].
"make the subpatch floating, that’s the only way to get it to the front of a
fullscreen main patch (at least on XP)"

… or make it fullscreen, or escape the fullscreen mode of the previous window.

but dont do it by using the "normal" fullscreen mode – use [110.thisfullscreens] instead.

it works for fullscreen across several monitors, too, just give it the sceen(s) size(s) as
arguments and connect it to [thispatcher].

for windows OS you might need to adapt the 20 30 n-40 n-45 numbers to your OS gui theme.


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