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Oct 15 2012 | 3:57 pm

C74 still wasn’t able to reproduce so I made this stripped-down-to-the-minimum patch to help ‘m out. Hope some more people wanna test it!

The behavior I’m seeing:

on load : runs at around 80fps
delete one jit.gen : jump to 115fps
delete 10 more : jump to 200+fps
delete all : same 200+fps, that’s apparently what my system can squeeze out

Now when I go back and start duplicating the gen’s the fps gradually drops down. With around 200 gen’s fps is at 10 fps. NB: the .genjit is completely empty and the objects have nothing connected in or out.

I set qmetro at 240hz because my gfx card’s hardware framerate limit is 240hz.

Please state your systems OS and hardware specs when you post your results.

Tanx! D.


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