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Mar 30 2012 | 6:42 am

i was finaly able to compile it, i’ve made a really stupid mistake (that i will keep secret) but now it works :)

just a little question:

is it possible to add methods that don’t need selector?
example.mxo "doesn’t understand" int or float without selector

thank you a lot for your time vanille, you are the only one who help me, i really appreciate
I have work on C external yesterday and lot of things are more clear now ( i’ve reread the begining of the SDK :) …. )

I really need to use Gecode that’s why i’m going C++ now, i’ve start C only 2 weeks ago and even if i’m working hard it takes time to become "natural" and it takes even more time with C++ that’s looks harder than C!!! so excuse the noobish questions plz…

have a good day

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