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Apr 10 2012 | 6:17 am

Thanks for the quick response!

Basically I have a looping video. The silhouette which is suposed to represent a shadow. In the pictures attached I managed to move just a still image through the space attached to the x coordinate. The x coordinate will be associated with a person moving through a given space and I am attaching my own shadow to their feet. So when the person stops. or the X coordinate stops I want the video to stop. But when the person is moving I want the video to be playing or looping.

1. How to move part of a video (a silhouette) around the window

somewhat. It is only the silhouette in the movie. so If I can find a way to move the entire movie move that would work.

2. How to also change the rate of that video based on its x-coordinate.

Yes the faster the x-coordinate is changing the faster the movie is playing. And if the x coordinate is not moving or stopped the video will loop slowly or stop.

Thanks again! I will look into and see if this helps!

[attachment=190657,3679] [attachment=190657,3680]

  1. ScreenShot20120409at11.07.38PM.png


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