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Mar 27 2013 | 12:14 am

I’ve uploaded a new version to .

– changes (hopefully improvements) to UCI engine output parsing, more information now available
– option to display UCI engine score from White’s perspective (so, absolute). On by default.
– option to output UCI engine PVs in coordinate notation (rather than algebraic) to facilitate move parsing. Off by default.
– ensure that running UCI engines are analyzing the position on the board.
– some minor improvements to the help file (particularly in the parsing subpatcher).

LATER (file above was replaced)

– minor fixes to ‘info’ output parsing
– complete rewrite of IPC code to accommodate engines with buffered output. Engine loading is now much faster as a side effect.
– ‘load’ message opens a dialog if no arguments are supplied
– ‘id’ info is reported by the engine (name and author)
– more helpfile fixes (non-multiPV case was missing)

Thanks in advance for testing and feedback!


(below is another stupidly simple rendering, this time World Champion Vishy Anand’s beautiful win as Black over Levon Aronian at this year’s Wijk aan Zee tournament)


(by the way, you can read more about the UCI protocol and download the spec here: . It might assist you in writing your own parsing patcher for the data streaming from the uci object, but probably not that much)…

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