Re: corner pin adjustement of plane/quad with videotexture?

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Aug 28 2011 | 2:22 pm

Ok, well that’s more complicated than I thought it was to do the transformations. I have been working on a toolkit to assist with projection mapping from directly inside jitter rather than using syphon and having to play around with the output as more things need mapping.

My attempted solution was to see if a simple texture map with the right coords onto the mesh would fix the problem. I haven’t managed to get this working properly yet, but thought I’d share anyway.

You need to go into the meshmap subpatch and enable the customTexMap to see the results. Does anyone know if this would be workable with the correct code or am I fighting a lost cause here?


ps interestingly I was experimenting in the Madmapper demo and noticed that you get exactly the same curved effect if you enable mesh mapping and use the mesh controls in there so I guess that it does have to be done with the homography stuff!


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