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Oct 28 2012 | 6:37 pm

and it's me again!

sorry. i don't wanna be obnoxious about this, but as i explained above, the topic is dear to me!

however, as a last attempt, two pictures to show you what's going on here with degrade~:
– the first one shows the above posted patch (or a part of it, actually) in max 6.0.5: you can see that the input signal (the upper scope~), in this case a cycle~, is multiplied by a very small number and fed into a degrade~ which outputs silence (viz the lower scope~)!
– the second shows the same patch and signal path in max 6.0.7: here there is an output, & clearly it's NOT silence!
=> so what has changed here? any ideas?

come to think of it, i do actually think that only now (max 6.0.7) does degrade~ behave as expected, truncating everything to 2^3 steps in the example patch – however, it couldn't have been buggy before, it's behaved like in the first picture since max 5.0!!
was there simply some kind of limitation to the range it could handle? something to do with the transition to 64bit audio maybe?

thanks again! rstaudi

[attachment=207068,4596] [attachment=207068,4597]

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