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September 22, 2010 | 4:01 pm

Thanks for this pianoroll editor.

The first and only MIDI file I tried so far played at the wrong tempo. I uploaded it (toccata1.mid).
OSX.6.4, Max5.1.5

The file plays correctly with QT, and also with CNMAT’s mxj midifile, but was too slow when played in denonate.maxhelp->p detonate_example.

Interestingly, Motu’s DP doesn’t open the file at all, so there may be something special in it…

I resaved the file in QT as toccata2.mid (also uploaded), which works at the right speed with detonate.

You can see in the pianoroll editor the difference between both files.

I don’t know wether it is an issue with the object or with the MIDI file, but it may be interesting to check.


  1. toccata2.mid