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Oct 03 2006 | 4:13 am

we have no problem with users replacing our ‘modding’ our documentation
(that’s why they consist mostly of patchers); however, if you honestly
feel that something is missing from a help patch, there’s an excellent
chance we’ll agree with you and incorporate it into a subsequent version
of max. our help patches are a bit of a balancing act between providing
an easily legible (and re-usable) piece of max code featuring the object
in question on the one hand, and a live reference for the object on the

while i won’t go into specifics at this time, we are looking into ways to
make it easier for all of you to contribute to the max documentation
system in the future; in the meantime, suggestions are more than welcome,
as are contributions to the max/msp/jitter examples.



On Mon, 2 Oct 2006, Stefan Tiedje wrote:

> Roman Thilenius wrote:
>> an old idea of mine was something like a custom help file
>> database, where people can share their changed, updated,
>> corrected, streamlined helpfiles, so that you can go there
>> and see if someone has a helpfile which is "better" than
>> the original helpfile (say [lcd]) and when you wish you
>> replace yours with it.
> That is a nice idea, are you willing to host it? If I where you I would
> enhance it with a voting system, and if a helpfile mod will collect a
> certain amount of votes, cycling has enough reasons to include it into
> the official distribution…
> lately I changed all!! help files of Max and MSP and Cycling did include
> them (remeber the "see also" section? your Max 4.1 might miss it… ;-)
> Stefan
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