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Jun 08 2012 | 8:15 am

in my case, I'll probably add more atmospheric effect a bit later.
Indeed, I like the basic idea of using azimut to control the amount of sound sent to that or this speaker.

I made a very light schematic.

About the distance attenuation.
I can distinguish the 2 sources (1) & (2) by distance
(1) will be heard a bit less loud than (2)

About spatialization/volume distribution to my speakers
If I take only the basic first angle to the source, I cannot distinguish (1) & (2)
And in fact, (1) should be heard a bit louder on the FRONT RIGHT than on FRONT LEFT & REAR RIGHT, compared to (2)

I guess I'm missing something (a value to measure for sure)


  1. spatialization.PNG


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